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Vacation Incentive Platform

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How Do We Do It?

First off, hotels and resorts are rarely full but they are always open and still have their fixed costs and always have unused rooms available. We partner with the fastest growing online travel company in the world. They partner with us to help them fill up their otherwise empty rooms that they end up turning into additional revenue from other parts of their property like their in-house restaurants, the bar, the casino, room service, the spa or even an extra day stay.

They’re actually doing it for some of the same reasons why you would be using our certificates, to increase their repeat and referral business.

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The phrase “influencer marketing” is pretty familiar to most marketers. The basic concept is easy to grasp, utilize the existing popularity and authority of “influencers” to build a reputation and visibility for your own brand.

But influencer marketing isn’t a “hack” or a get-rich-quick scheme; like any other marketing strategy, it demands a nuanced approach to be successful, and is packed with far more variables than it appears to have on the surface.  Here are some ways using authority influencers can help you "Dominaite" your industry.

Inbound links.

Inbound links are necessary for any kind of SEO campaign. Links are what pass “authority” from one site to another, essentially making them points of validation that convince search engines your site is authoritative and trustworthy enough to earn higher rankings. It’s becoming more and more difficult to get inbound links, but one way to get them is to build a relationship with a known authority influencer; they’ll often link to your site if you give them good reason to. For example, if you have a relationship with an influencer and let them know about some recent original research you recently published, that influencer might comment on it and link to your research, which, presumably, is hosted on your website. You’ll gain a boost in authority from the link, but just as importantly, the presence of that link will result in click-through traffic from other readers as well as increase its visibility so that other authors can reference it (with a link) it in their work as well.

Content visibility.

You can also leverage your influencer’s audience to expand the visibility of your best content. Social influencers typically have tens of thousands to millions of followers, so getting an influencer to share one of your best pieces of content could instantly multiply its visibility. More readers alone won’t necessarily boost your rankings, but it’s a nice gateway to future points of value. For example, if your content circulates with an audience 10 times larger than what you could muster on your own, you’ll likely earn 10 times as many links overall and that’s not even mentioning the reputation benefits your brand will earn.

Audience building.

Networking with influencers is also a fast way to grow your social media audience (as well as recurring traffic to your site). Social media runs on a “tree falling in the forest” system; no matter how good your content is, people will only follow you and continue reading your material if they know it exists in the first place. Getting an influencer to share that material could introduce a new audience to you. Again, this alone won’t increase your search rankings, but over time, a larger audience means each of your published pieces will have instantaneously better value when you syndicate them.

Collaborative content.

Don’t discount the potential for working together with authority influencers on mutual content projects. This probably won’t be an option to you in the early stages of your influencer relationships, but once you have an ongoing, mutually beneficial setup, this may become a natural element of your partnership. Working together, you might pool your resources to create and distribute an industry report, or you could conduct an interview series or create a podcast in which you exchange thoughts and opinions on a popular topic. Either way, you’ll both get the benefit of borrowing from each other’s authority, you’ll earn more visibility than you would alone, and you’ll both earn a host of new links pointing to your respective domains. This is a long-term partnership, so the payoffs have no upper limit here.

Publishing opportunities.

Even though you’ll likely earn some links naturally with your content and influencer marketing campaigns, the best way to build links consistently over the long term is through highly valuable content on external, authoritative publisher sites. The problem is, these publisher sites have extremely high standards for content, and are selective about who they let write. Networking with influencers can, over time, open up doors that would otherwise be closed to you. One of your influencers might be close with the editor for a national publisher and could get you an introductory opportunity to make a guest post. Sometimes, a foot in the door is all it takes to start building a bigger online footprint.

Finding the Right Influencer

Much of your success in influencer marketing will be finding the right influencer and starting your relationship on the right foot. The best influencers are ones who are active constantly, with big followings, and an interest in engaging with others. We refer to these as Authority Influencers.  When you reach out, make sure you remain conscious of the fact that they’re busy people with their own goals and priorities and make an offer before making a request. Then, prioritize achieving the goals listed above, always making the relationship mutually beneficial, and doing what you can to preserve your dynamic. 

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Dominaite Internet Marketing Platform

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Platform to Skyrocket Your Business Online.  Here are the features of just one part of our Referral Network System.  $49.90 Per Month.  

Digital Marketing & Automation Tools
Ready-to-Edit Sales Funnel Blueprints
Smart Opt-Ins (1-Click Signup)
Two Step Opt-In With Pop-Ups
Opt-In With Facebook (Login with Facebook)
Facebook App Notifications
Integrated A/B Test Tool (Split Test)
Exclusive "Secondary Action" Tool
Exclusive Automatic Page Variation
Members Area With Multiple Levels of Access
Professional Email Marketing Integrated With Site Builder
Segment Lists by Tags and Behavior
Automated Campaigns by Tags
Unlimited Autoresponder Campaigns
Email Performance Reports
Multiple Options for Lead Capture Strategies
Countdown and Evergreen Timers
Timers and Animations for Scarcity
Entrance Pop-Ups, Exit Pop-Ups, and Timed Pop-Ups
Action Score and Lead Score
Upsell in One Click
App Constructor
Checkout Page With Upsell and Conditional Offer
Payment Gateway Integration
Browser Notifications Tool

Design Tools
More than 1,000 Professional Templates
Create Mockups
Intelligent and Personalized Forms
Shopify Integration
External HTML Code
Social Media Plugins
Hundreds of Styles for Your Menus and Buttons
Personalized Font Pattern
Create Optimized Versions for Mobile Devices
Intuitive Builders
Easy-to-Duplicate Pages
Unlimited Layouts Per Website
Video Backgrounds
Effects Image Galleries
Group Hover
Scroll Animation
Parallax Effect
Design Studio
Create Animated and Sales Videos in Minutes
Exclusive Floating Video Tool
Multiple Effects for Page Transitions
Icon, Image, Arrow and GIF Galleries
Integrated Image Editor and Filters
FADE OUT Effect For Texts and Elements on Banners
Predefined Elements and Form Blocks

You are Going to Love
Drag & Drop Email Builder
High-Performance Hosting
Connect Unlimited Domains
Create Unlimited Subdomains
Create Email Accounts With Your Own Domain
Manage Emails Via Web
Unlimited Access and Visitors (Unlimited Bandwidth)
Advanced SEO Configuration for Each of Your Pages
Configure The Languages of 3rd Party Apps Within Your Website
Unlimited Browser Notifications For Lead Capture
Unlimited Floating Video Editor Compatible With Any Platform
Detailed SEO Tool (On-Page Report)
Unlimited Website Transfers Between Platform Users
Complete App Creator For iOS and Android
Interactive Presentation Tool
Hundreds of Tutorial Videos
Interactive Presentation Tool
Dozens of Short Classes and Quick Tips
Online Chat and Email Customer Support
Road Map System for Prioritizing The Development of New Tools
Members Area With User Management
App Push Notifications

Structure and Security
Hosted on Dedicated, High-Performance and Professional Servers
Virtual Hosting For Images and Videos For Better Website Performance
Automated and Intelligent Backup System
Website Cache System For Time and Loading Optimization
Exclusive Email System That Can Send up to 10,000,000 Emails Per Hour
URL-Friendly System and SEO Optimization For Better Indexing on Search Engines
Unlimited Visits, Access, and Transference of Data, Including Archives and Downloads from your Website
Dedicated Team of Programmers Constantly Developing New Tools and Updating Features
Dedicated Customer Support and Product Management Team
2 TIER Franchise System With Great Earning Potential  



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SWOT - How Do You Measure Up?



Know Thyself to Monetize Thyself

Do you know what your unique gifts and talents are and how they can be used to grow your business? We often talk about the “business of being a brand” and how you can get paid for who you are versus what you do. But before you can begin to develop the business model for being a brand, you must accurately identify where your strengths are so you can use them to elevate your image, grow your audience, and develop your business model around them.

One common method of examination is to do a personal SWOT analysis examining both internal and external factors.





Write different aspects of your internal factors (personality, skills, gifts, talents, or specialized knowledge) that are strong in one list and those that are weak in another.

Strengths could be:

  • Verbal skills
  • Artistic ability
  • Physically strong
  • Computer knowledge
  • Writing skills

Weaknesses could be:

  • Limited social media knowledge
  • Afraid to speak in public
  • Not techy
  • Lack knowledge of marketing
  • Afraid to fly


Write different aspects of your external factors (relationships, assets, network, influences) that are weaknesses in one list and threats in another.

Opportunities could be:

  • Your connections
  • Membership in mastermind group
  • Facebook fanbase and audience is high
  • Email list is large
  • Thriving business

Threats could be:

  • Competition
  • Limiting mindset and beliefs
  • Changing industry trends
  • Lack of funding
  • Lack of family support

Are you a Rockstar Professional?

Rockstar Professionals are those business owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs with the attitude, expertise and drive to thrive in life using their unique gifts, following their true passion and serving a higher purpose. When it comes to becoming a Rockstar Professional, there are two types of people in the world: those that wander around aimlessly and the very, very, very few that choose and commit to living a BOLD Vision. Your life is what you make of it. If you won’t make your dream happen, who will? If not now, when? You are in the performance of your lifetime right now… make it count!

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Diamond Membership on Digital Media Publishing Referral Network 

  • $34.00 / month
  • Exclusive Diamond Benefits
  • No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
  • Win Great Prizes
  • Membership Fees Support Charity
  • Translate Entire Website To Over 100 Languages
  • Direct Messaging For Referrals To Contact You
  • Connect With Other Members All Over The World
  • Unlimited Authority Links For Published Content
  • Links To Your Website & Social Media
  • Publish Member Articles
  • Publish Videos & Audio Files
  • Promote Up To 20 Events
  • Post Up To 20 Deals / Coupons
  • Post Up To 20 Advertisements
  • Post Up To 100 Products
  • FREE Leads and Referrals
  • Integrated Google Maps & Directions
  • Your Content Is Promoted On Social Networks
  • Post Up To 20 Job Board Listings
  • Post Up To 20 Property Listings
  • Request & Receive Reviews
  • Control Review Publishing & Management
  • Authority Influencers Promote Your Brand
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Buzz Promoters Social Media Management Platform 

$34.00 per month No Contracts.

  • Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Drag And Drop Calendar
  • Post Scheduler including Repeat Posts
  • Dashboard To Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Post to Multiple Social Profiles
  • RSS Feeds & Custom RSS Feeds
  • Engaging Articles To Use For Posting
  • YouTube Feed Integration
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Google My Business Specialized Posting
  • Pinterest Specialized Posting
  • Social Analytics
  • Branded Content
  • Reputation Monitor
  • Review Alerts
  • Social Ordering
  • Sweepstakes
  • Social Deals
  • Email Integration
  • Agency Access at No Additional Charge
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Wealth Building

Discover the Ten Key Principles to Build True Wealth (Surprise! It’s about a lot more than just making money)

Key Ideas

  1. How you can build wealth automatically with the least amount of effort.
  2. How “environments” and habits can literally pull you toward your wealth goals.
  3. 6 different types of leverage to build your wealth.

True wealth is about a lot more than just growing your net worth.

Yes, it’s true that financial independence is all about money, but living a wealthy life isn’t. This distinction is critical. We’ve all seen rich people who are miserable, and poor people who are happy.  Research even shows the relationship between money and happiness is small.

Below are the key ten principles that will help you achieve true wealth — both financially and personally.

1st Wealth Building Principle: Get Deeply Motivated

Money is a shallow motivator — too shallow to drive you deep enough to achieve success.  The problem is financial wealth is an external goal with benefits limited to the world outside of you. Money buys things, but money doesn’t buy happiness. It can build you a prettier prison, but it can’t get you out of prison.  The inherent limits of external goals (fancy houses, cars, and big bank accounts) similarly limits how motivated you will be when pursuing them.  To succeed in building wealth, you want to be driven by internal goals deeper than just the external trappings of wealth.  You want a cause that will bring transformation to your life and drive you deep enough to overcome all the obstacles that stand between you and financial freedom.

Internally-driven goals that might focus your attention long enough to succeed include the following:

  1. Freedom: Break loose from the shackles of daily labor so that you have more time to grow, create, and live to your fullest potential.
  2. Charity: The more you have the more you can give. Charitable foundations created by wealthy families often provide the financial muscle to empower great social and environmental causes.
  3. Growth: When you have financial freedom, you also have more time to pursue personal freedom. The wealth in your external world becomes a mirror to the wealth in your internal world. The principles that lead to financial wealth can also lead to true wealth by affecting other areas of your life.
  4. Leadership: Grow your own wealth ethically and joyfully so that you can lead by example for friends and family to rise above the bonds of financial mediocrity and follow in your footsteps.

The reason deeper causes are essential is because building wealth isn’t easy.  You will encounter many problems that must be overcome along your journey to financial freedom. You will pay a price to reach your goal.  To stay the course long enough to succeed, you must be motivated by a commitment that runs deeper than just the lifestyle that money can buy. This step-by-step course to financial freedom can help you find your “why” to propel you toward your goal.


These 10 Commandments of Wealth Building will help you achieve financial success and true wealth.

2nd Wealth Building Principle: Give More Value Than You Take

Adding value to the world by giving more than you receive makes everyone better off. That’s how you build true wealth. You improve others lives by improving your own.  Sure, history is replete with people who have amassed financial empires by exploiting others or the environment, but taking value can never lead to happiness or fulfillment.  Exploitation may bring riches, but giving value brings happiness and fulfillment as well as riches — and that’s true wealth.  By giving more value than you receive, success becomes a measure of how much you’ve given. The wealthier you become, the more you are giving to others.

It’s a rewarding way to live.

“From what we get in life, we make a living. From what we give, we make a life.”– Arthur Ashe

3rd Wealth Building Principle: Live With 100% Integrity

Never do or say anything that wouldn’t make your Mother and Father proud. Don’t cause harm, encroach on others property, violate moral law, or damage the environment. Don’t lie, insult, or cheat in pursuit of financial wealth.  Heck, don’t even stretch the truth. It just isn’t worth it.  The rule is simple: if it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t. If you don’t feel comfortable telling your spouse, children, and parents what you are doing, then you probably shouldn’t do it.  Never choose expediency over integrity because no amount of financial wealth can replace a good night’s sleep, a clear conscience, and a peaceful mind.

4th Wealth Building Principle: Be Courageous

Humans are social animals which makes us cautious to venture independently. Yet, wealth doesn’t come from following the crowd. It results from doing what others won’t so you can have what others never will.  Wealth results from doing what others won't so you can have what others never will.  It takes courage to be a self-starter and be self-responsible. It takes courage to walk new paths and develop new skills. It takes courage to stand out from the crowd. It takes courage to put out the extra effort when others don’t.  In short, it takes courage to build wealth.  It may be true that the nail that stands up is the nail that gets hammered down, but it’s equally true that the nail that never got driven is the nail that didn’t fulfill its purpose.  Live with courage so you can live fully and experience true wealth.


5th Wealth Building Principle: Be Disciplined

Wealth is the cumulative result of many little things added together and compounded over a lifetime. That means your daily habits will make or break your success.  Saving, investing, reinvesting, and growing your financial and business intelligence are all essential wealth building habits that require persistent and consistent effort.  In other words, wealth building requires discipline.

Without discipline, you risk falling prey to the number one wealth killer: procrastination. You must begin the right habits today without delay. It takes discipline to overcome procrastination by starting today and persisting tomorrow.  There is no substitute for action. Anything less is just an excuse.  Another obstacle to disciplined, daily habits is “magical thinking.” This is the false belief that financial security will magically appear out of thin air without a specific plan or action causing it.  Wealth happens because you do what it takes to make it happen. The appearance of “instant wealth” actually stands on the foundation of years of disciplined, daily habits.

6th Wealth Building Principle: Avoid Conspicuous Consumption

The illusory carrot for building wealth is the attraction of a “more, better, different” lifestyle.  This myth is perpetuated by brokerage ads filled with sailboats, European vacations, and perfectly manicured golf resorts. The problem is consumerism causes your limited resources to be directed toward lifestyle and away from building wealth.  They are competing demands for the same scarce resources – and only one can win the battle.

“Seek freedom and become captive of your desires, seek discipline and find your liberty.”– Frank Herbert

The reality is wealth is a form of delayed gratification. Wealth builders live modestly by spending less than they can afford (in money, time, and energy), so they can invest the difference for greater value in the future.  They understand happiness doesn’t result from the material trappings of wealth, because that would only keep them from fulfilling the deeper cause that drives them to success.  Every day you make a choice between consumption today or wealth for tomorrow.  The only way to embrace delayed gratification as the most fulfilling alternative without any sense of sacrifice is to have a motivating cause deeper than your desire for lifestyle. If lifestyle is your cause, then consumption becomes the priority — making wealth eternally elusive.

7th Wealth Building Principle: Build Supportive Environments

If building wealth was easy, then more people would achieve it. Yet, few succeed in their pursuit of financial freedom even though anyone can put together a reasonable plan to become wealthy.  The difference is consistent, persistent, focused action. Life provides an endless stream of distractions to sidetrack your plans for wealth.  The solution is to create a support system that keeps you focused, on track, and literally draws you toward wealth.  Your family environment, relationships, work environment, financial habits, daily rituals, and more must be proactively designed to literally pull you toward wealth by supporting and reinforcing your plans.  You must structure your life to support a wealthy outcome. It’s the path of least resistance.  Financial Mentor’s coaching and educational products can help you re-design your life to achieve financial freedom. You can either direct your daily life to achieve your goals, or you can passively allow your days to be filled with alternatives.  You either get the results you choose, or you get the results that are given to you. Which path will you follow?

8th Wealth Building Principle: Apply Leverage To Build Wealth

Leverage is the essential success principle that builds wealth. You won’t get wealthy by trading time for money, and you can’t do it all yourself.

Building wealth requires you to work smarter rather than harder by applying the following principles of leverage:

  1. Financial Leverage: Other people’s money so that you’re not limited by your own pocketbook.
  2. Time Leverage: Other people’s time so that you’re not limited to 24 hours in a day.
  3. Systems and Technology Leverage: Other people’s systems and technology so that you can get more done with less effort.
  4. Marketing Leverage: Other people’s magazines, newsletters, radio shows, and databases so that you can communicate to millions with no more effort than is required to communicate one-on-one.
  5. Network Leverage: Other people’s resources and connections so that you can expand beyond your own.
  6. Knowledge Leverage: Other people’s talents, expertise, and experience so that you can utilize greater knowledge than you will ever possess.

Leverage allows you to build more wealth than you could ever achieve alone by utilizing resources that extend beyond your own. It allows you to grow wealth without being restricted by your personal limitations.

Leverage is the principle that separates those who successfully attain wealth from those who don’t. It’s just that simple.

If you aren’t using leverage, then you’re working harder than you should to earn less than you deserve — and that isn’t going to make you wealthy.

9th Wealth Building Principle: Treat Your Wealth Like A Business (Because It Is)

You wouldn’t build a business without a business plan. Why should building wealth be any different?  Design your wealth plan based on proven business principles that lead to success. These principles include competitive advantage, leverage, accurate record keeping, and accountability– just to name a few.  Run your money like a business, because that’s exactly what it is: a personal financial management business.  Additionally, your personalized wealth building plan should take into account your unique skills, interests, and resources while incorporating the Ten Commandments to Wealth, successful investment principles, and much more.  When complete, your wealth plan will be tailor-fitted to your unique life situation, while honoring the proven success principles that no wealth plan is complete without.  Run your money like the business it is. Anything less will slow your journey to wealth.


10th Wealth Building Principle: Steward Your Wealth

“If a man is proud of his wealth, he should not be praised until it is known how he employs it.”– Socrates

Wealth is your servant, and you are a servant to your wealth. Money is little more than a tool that comes with a responsibility to use it wisely.  The rich man is a fool who dies without arranging his affairs to assure that his wealth does good during his lifetime and after his passing.  Through your legacy of wealth, you have the opportunity to bless yourself and your family’s life now and in the future. And you can go beyond that by expanding the circle to include the lives of all who follow you.  As a successful wealth builder, you’ll be in the unique position to organize charities that can do great social good. The fact that you can’t take it with you means wealth is a gift to be given.  Always understand that wealth isn’t something you possess, but a flow which has found a temporary parking place under your stewardship.  Eventually this stewardship will move to others as all things must pass (including you). The wealth builder’s solemn responsibility is to use this temporarily gifted power wisely so that it creates maximum benefit for all those who are touched by what you created in your lifetime.

In Summary…

There are ten key wealth building principles that lead to true wealth, not just monetary wealth. The objective is not just to become rich, but to build a balanced, fulfilling, wealthy life.

These ten key principles will help keep you on track:

  1. Build Wealth For A Deep Cause: Money alone is too shallow a goal to motivate you to overcome all the obstacles that stand between you and wealth. When you find a deeper goal like freedom, growth, creativity, or charity, then you’ll have the internal motivation to persist and succeed.
  2. Give More Value Than You Take: When you give value then your financial success becomes a measure of how much you have given to the world. It’s a satisfying way to live.
  3. Live with 100% Integrity: Integrity is non-negotiable because no amount of money can replace a good night’s sleep, a clear conscience, and a peaceful mind.
  4. Be Courageous: Wealth results from doing what others won’t so you can have what others never will.
  5. Be Disciplined: Life will conspire to distract you from achieving your goal. Only the disciplined will stay the course with consistent enough action to get results.
  6. Avoid Conspicuous Consumption: Nobody ever spent their way to financial freedom. Every day you make a choice between consumption today or wealth for tomorrow.
  7. Build Supportive Environments: The path of least resistance to wealth is paved by supportive environments that literally pull you toward the goal.
  8. Apply Leverage: Leverage is what separates those who achieve wealth from those who don’t. You can’t reach the goal by trading time for money, and you can’t do it all yourself. You need leverage.
  9. Treat Your Wealth Like A Business: As a wealth builder, you’re in the personal financial management business and must manage your net worth just like an executive manages a successful business.
  10. Steward Your Wealth: Money is little more than a tool that comes with the responsibility to use it wisely. It’s not something you possess, but something that passes through you and must be given back.


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Paytrix Affiliate Marketing Training


Module One: Introduction
Who we are in how we got started in the Paytrix method.
Module Two: Affiliate Offers
How we source affiliate offers to see which one will convert the best with highest EPC's
Module Three: Driving Traffic
How we drive traffic to our affiliate offers and build our lists
Module Four: Bonus Pages
How we create our bonus pages and what systems and software we use
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Module Five
How we find the bonuses that we use to build our bonus packages
Module Six: Delivery
Here is where the magic happens and we turn that dollar affiliate sale into seventy five cents extra
Module Seven: Long Term Growth
How to keep those buyers coming back time and time again


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Searching the Dominaite online community is easy.  Use the search bar at the top right of the website to find the content and resources you need.

This is a list of notable industry trade groups in the United States.  


Advertising, business, marketing


Clothing, apparel, footwear, fashion


Entertainment and leisure

Financial, insurance




IT, communications and electronics


Medicine, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and environment

Tobacco, alcohol, law, politics, gambling and firearms

Transport and logistics

State and local



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do customers have to take a timeshare presentation in order to take advantage of vacation certificates?

Great question. No, your customers will never be required to attend any sales or timeshare presentation. These are real, top quality Resorts with no hidden fees or strings attached. We own and operate and we are simply filling otherwise empty rooms which the hotels and resorts turn into additional revenue from these consumers spending money on the property, such as room service, spa, in house restaurants, bar purchases, casino and extra day stay, etc. In addition we will offer them additional incentives and upgrades that your client can choose to accept or decline. These additional incentives will save your customer from $500 to $1500 that will include a discovery tour of the property. Your Client however will NEVER be required to upgrade.
How are you able to offer these incentives?

BookVIP has traveled over 1 million families to date and has contracts with the world leading hotel chains, and resorts to help them fill their otherwise empty rooms. We help fill empty rooms which the hotels, resorts turn into additional revenue from other areas of their property and future bookings. Hotels rarely experience full occupancy, yet they remain open, providing rooms and services at fixed costs. So when hotels give out their rooms by partnering with BookVIP, they might miss out on the room fee, but they already didn't have that in the first place, at least now they have the opportunity to gain a customer for their in-house restaurants, room service, their casinos, an extra day stay, future bookings, etc. The benefit of why our program works so well is the fact that it's a win win for everyone involved. You win because you gain more business from using our incentives. Your customers win because they received an awesome incentive gift from you. The resorts win because they gain additional revenue from other areas of their establishment that they otherwise would not have been able to get and they also have a new client that may book with them in the future. BookVIP will also offer additional upgrades and incentives that your client can choose to accept or not.

Yes, our digital certificates created will be assigned an expiration date 7 days out from the date it is activated. Please note that the expiration date shown on the digital certificates only pertains to the actual activation of the certificate. After your customers activate a vacation certificate, they will have at least 18 months to travel. To activate the guest simply needs to pay the daily taxes and fees that correspond to the certificate. They can activate by phone or online.  Certificates can be replaced by your discretion.
Do my customers have to set their reservations and travel by the expiration date printed on the certificate?

No. The expiration date pertains to activation of the vacation certificate only. Once your customer activates by paying the taxes and fees of a vacation certificate they will then have at least 18 months to travel. Example for our US resorts the activation fee is $19.45 per night and our Mexico offers is $19.70 per night.
Do you use my customers email or info for any other purpose?

No. We do not do any other marketing to your certificate recipient. We respect our business partners and have no intention of spamming your clients with email. We will send up to 3 email reminders during the first 7 days prior to the certificate expiration to remind them to activate. If they do activate then they have become a customer of ours as well and we may need to have further communication with this customer concerning the reservation, or reminding them to book dates etc.
How does my customer to redeem the certificates?

Your customer may activate a certificate over the phone or online by paying the resorts taxes and fees of $19.45 for our US resort options and $19.70 per night for our Mexico resort options. Once they activate within 7 days of receiving the digital certificate your customer will have 18 months to choose travel dates. To date we have redeemed tens of thousands of digital certificates and have a fantastic reputation that we are proud of!

Are there any other hidden fees or expenses/costs for my customer?

The recipient of this certificate will receive days and nights at a luxury hotel accommodation room rate free of charge, which retail is valued at up to $195 per night, in the US and up to $300 per night in Mexico, however recipient is responsible for all other expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food & beverages, gratuities, resort fees if applicable and any other personal or miscellaneous expenses.

Resort fees are common place in the travel industry. As a matter of fact, over 96% of tourists traveling to Orlando or Las Vegas now have to pay a resort fee when they check in at the resort. This is so common now that it’s just expected for any seasoned traveler.

When you award someone a vacation certificate, you are giving them a vacation that is valued at up to $585 for Orlando or Las Vegas and up to $1,500 in Mexico, depending on the time of year they travel. That’s an incredible value!

To offset the resort fees paid directly to the resort that we cannot control we are also going to include a free bonus of $150 BookVIP credit to be used towards an additional trip anytime in the future. This will be an extra bonus that all of your clients who redeem a complimentary vacation through us will receive after completing travel using certificate.

Resort fees for properties we use for FREE hotel stay certificates run from:
Las Vegas at the hotels we use run from $16.00 to $38.00 per night
Orlando Fl resort fees run from $5.00 to $12.00 per night depending on hotel and season.
Gatlinburg / Branson / Williamsburg run from zero to $12.00 depending on hotel and season.
Mexico hotels we use are from $10.00 to $14.00 per night
Resort fees cover items like: WiFi Internet Access Local Calls. Resort amenities,
Fitness centers,in-room safes, Beach Chairs, umbrellas, beach/pool towels, activities and more.

Can my customers travel with their children?

The short answer is YES. The US resorts options will include up to 4 people in the room regardless of age. For the Mexico offers they can travel with 2 adults and up to 2 children up to the ages of 12 or under. If traveling with extra adults or children upgrades may be available to accommodate depending on availability. Upgrades require the purchase of additional rooms or larger suites which may not always be available. Prices for additional children etc depend on room availability and seasonality so prices cannot be quoted until travel dates are selected. These promotional certificates are designed for couples or small families. More than 4 persons will be harder to accommodate with these promotions and in some cases not possible.

Can my customer cancel the activation and get their money back?

This certificate activation is FINAL & NON-REFUNDABLE unless your customer purchased Trip Guard. If Trip Guard insurance was purchased, your customer may cancel anytime up and until they have confirmed travel dates. If Trip Guard was declined, your customer will have a store credit to use their vacation dollars toward any hotel or resort of their choice within
Once dates are confirmed with the certificate no changes will be allowed. Cancellations after dates are confirmed will result in forfeiture of the activation fees. (The inventory used for these rooms are not as flexible as booking at retail rack rates, once confirmed changes will not be allowed and cancellations or no shows will result in forfeiture of fees paid)
Are the resorts in Mexico “All Inclusive”

No the resorts we offer for the certificate will not be all inclusive. The recipient of this certificate is responsible for all expenses including but not limited to: airfare, transfers, food, gratuities, and any other miscellaneous expenses. This certificate cannot be combined with any other promotional vacation offer.  We will however offer the certificate holder opportunities to upgrade to a different resort with an All Inclusive plans starting at only $199 and $299 per couple for the entire stay. This upgrade option will save the user nearly $1500 in value compared to anywhere else. 
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Digital Experts Incentive Program

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end of the day. Wow. Just. Wow.” – Taylor Morgan

For only $37 per month, you can have a product that gives you a huge unfair advantage over your competition!

There are no signup fees and no contracts… you can cancel at any time.

For your customers, there are no strings attached. There are no timeshare tours to attend. They simply pay the nightly room taxes of up to $19.70 per night and any resort fees or incidentals you may incur during your stay.

How can we offer free vacation incentives?

First of all, the hotels are rarely completely full…

Also they would prefer to have people in their hotels using their restaurant, spa and other amenties.

This is a big part of the hotels revenue.

So they partner with travel & marketing companies like us and give us those rooms at sometimes pennies on the dollar.

Our company also makes additional revenue from upgrades and repeat business.

This allows you to offer incredibly high value vacation incentives…

This will give you a huge unfair advantage over your competition to explode your sales!

When you join right now for only $37 per month, you can also use one of our free vacation incentives to experience the product for yourself!

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Think it’s too good to be true?

It’s definitely not. We’ve already given away over 120,000 trips.

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In the group, you’ll have access to thousands of other success marketers and entrepreneurs who have discovered this incredible opportunity.

At only $37 per month, this is by far the best marketing tool value in the world!

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Don Lok - F.U. Money

Here is the ebook and audio book F.U. Money by Dan Lok.  Some of his advice will help you on this journey. We are going to be developing high level skills, a scalable business and investing training. 

This is what he states: I’ve been told many times this book is "the best book on making money since Rich Dad Poor Dad."  Now the reason I wrote it is so you never need to be desperate for money again.  You never want to be desperate because when you’re desperate, that’s when bad shit happens...  How do I know? Well, I’m a self-made, 8-figure businessman today. But I didn’t start off very successful. In fact, when I started over two decades now, I had just come to Canada as an immigrant. Back then, I had no money. No connections. And I couldn’t speak a word of English. To make things worse, I was a college dropout...  Before I met my mentor, Alan, I had 13 failed businesses. And I was bleeding money every month.  So what did Alan teach me? Well, I’ll let you in on the secret. The secret Alan showed me is what I now call a "High-Income Skill".  A High-Income Skill is a skill where you can make a good living without being at a job - ever again.

He sells his mentorship program, for $2,495.  He claims to teach how to close high ticket sales.  We are not affiliated with him or endorsing his program.

Click here to download the Ebook: F.U. Money Ebook

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Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?Dan Henry

Credit: Dan Henry

The ubiquitous rise of the internet has had a profound effect on mankind, dramatically altering both how we live and work. Yet, in our on-demand society replete with endless conveniences, one of the single most resonating benefits has been the ability to digitally earn an income from virtually anywhere on this planet. It's an allure that attracts droves of individuals who are frustrated with the throes of 9-to-5 life, seeking ways they can untether the cord of corporate responsibility.

Clearly, the temptation of becoming a digital nomad and traveling the world, or simply working from home on your own schedule, was born well before Tim Ferris's iconic, 4-Hour Work Week. However, for most who are drawn into this life replete with the potential for unapologetic income and wealth, coupled with the ability to call their own shots and build a business around an intended lifestyle, affiliate marketing offers a cliched pathway to riches beyond measure.

For Dan Henry, the salient dream of living life and succeeding by marketing products or services as an affiliate wasn't just alive, it was lucid. Still, dream as he might, in 2011 Henry was still just a college dropout delivering pizzas door-to-door just to make a living. However, compelled by a nascent desire to live according to own terms, he knew that there was more to life than existing paycheck-to-paycheck.


Yet, like any other young adult, Henry struggled in life, unsure of where to go or what to do, embattled by bad habits that included a chronic addiction to cigarettes. He was the product of circumstances, but that didn't make him a victim. Like any other person looking to succeed, he knew some serious changes to his life were in order. And one of those changes was the necessity to quit smoking cigarettes, a habit he had come to abhor.

Although he had tried countless times in the past, he had failed to quit. But this time was different. His frame-of-mind had changed. And something inside of him clicked when he realized he could use electronic cigarettes to actually ween himself off the "real thing." He implemented a system where he used a low-quality gas station brand, and went from strong to medium then mild over a multi-week period.


When he realized that it had worked and he had largely disposed of the habit he wanted to be rid of for so long, he decided to share his story with others. So he started a blog. This was well before Henry had discovered the big wide world of affiliate marketing. In fact, he knew little about selling anything as an affiliate at the time.

However, his story was powerful. And the way that he related his experiences on his blog resonated with others. He was honest and transparent about the pain smoking had caused him, and relayed his journey to quit. Very quickly, his blog traffic grew. People were swarming to the site and Henry knew he was onto something.

Over time, he started reviewing other brands of electronic cigarettes just to report it back to his audience. He methodically went through every brand on the market and eventually realized that the V2 Cigs were one of the best he could find. In fact, it was that exact brand that helped him entirely cut out the habit of smoking actual cigarettes.

His blog became wildly successful. At roughly the same time, V2 Cigs informed him of their affiliate program where they paid out 50% commissions. That was Henry's "aha" moment. Almost immediately after adding those affiliate links onto his blog, his income exploded. He was making over $30,000 per month and it was passive income. He was on top of the world.

Then, came the dreaded Google algorithm updates. After ranking number one for "electronic cigarettes" and "electronic cigarette reviews," which were steadily driving massive amounts of traffic to his blog, his rankings fell off of a cliff. He tells me had made a huge mistake by solely relying on Google for traffic and not leveraging it to build an audience elsewhere.

After the updates, he was nowhere to be found. He wasn't even on the first 10 pages. In fact, his rankings fell down to the 126th listing for "electronic cigarettes." Henry was devastated. He did everything he could to remove low-quality links and disavow them, but to no avail. He had been slapped with a massive Google penalty. His heart sank.

Depression set in for Henry. But he didn't wallow for too long. He knew he needed to move on. Thankfully, he had saved up a bunch of money and had purchased his house in cash. He didn't need to pay rent, but he also knew he couldn't sit around and twiddle his thumbs. So he decided to buy a run-down nightclub and fix it up.

Once the nightclub had been finished, he needed a way to get the word out. He needed to get people in the door because the venue had been shutdown for so long that no one even knew it still existed. Considering his past experience with online marketing, he knew that the solution was a digital one rather than a paper one.

This was early 2013 and Facebook had kicked into high-gear. So Henry tried his hand at Facebook ads. And it was a hit. He was able to reach the right people and pack the nightclub. Shortly after, he sold it for a big profit. But it was then that he realized how he could combine the power of advertising and affiliate marketing to really take things to the next level.

Today, Henry is one of the foremost affiliate marketers, winning contests and awards (he even recently won a Lamborghini in a ClickFunnelsaffiliate marketing contest) at nearly every turn. And he's built up a devoted tribe that is so emotionally attached to him and his message that it's reached a mass-hysteria level that I would only liken to a internet celebrity, earning him upwards of three-hundred-thousand dollars per month on autopilot.


What Is Affiliate Marketing? 

When you sell anything for anyone else and you receive a commission for it, you're marketing as an affiliate. You're not just a salesperson working for that company. You're independent and on your own. There are no thresholds that need to be met. But the more you sell, the more you earn.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that there are no limitations and you can effectively earn money by marketing for many companies at one time. This offers a low-friction-to-market opportunity because you don't need to create your own products or services to earn money selling anything in this format.


However, don't get me wrong. Affiliate marketing isn't easy. Unless you have a significant audience or a platform, selling anything will require a significant investment of both your time and your money. The truth is that without traffic, you'll struggle. This is likely the problem that many would-be affiliates face today.

I relay the story of Dan Henry because it exemplifies the power of this thing called the internet that binds us all. And while Henry has succeeded on a massive scale, so many others have hit roadblocks, stumbled, fallen and failed. The large rate of failure helps to mystify and obfuscate this world of affiliate marketing because so many are trying to penetrate this market but so few are able to succeed on a large scale.

That might be why many people liken marketing anything as an affiliate to more like waging a war than living on easy street. The truth is that it isn't easy by any measure. It takes time. And you can't buy into all the hype. However, by keeping a few principles and steps in mind, you too can dominate in the world of affiliate marketing and earn money while you sleep. The trick? Stay persistent and don't give up.

How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

When it comes down to brass tacks, there are some important steps to be taken to succeed as an affiliate marketer, and an overall framework that needs to be followed. But before getting into that, it's important to get a lay of the land and look at the macro aspects of marketing and buyer mentality before being able to leverage any of that psychology to sell commissionable products or services.

One of the most important things that I learned by talking to Henry is that there are two types of buyers in this world:

  1. Logical buyers: These buyers base all their decision on cold-hard facts and suffer from something called analysis paralysis. They over-analyze and over-judge every single thing. They base their purchasing decisions on data because they don't believe in you, so they don't give their heart and their souls to you.
  2. Emotional buyers: When someone buys a product or service based on their emotions, they believe in it. When people become emotionally invested in you, it enables you able to build a massive tribe. These are the best types of buyers because your story resonates with them and they become firm believers in you no matter what you have to sell.

This is important in the framework of not just affiliate marketing, but in marketing anything online, especially when the products are your own products and you're not just receiving a commission for selling them. Clearly, you need to build emotion around the entire process. In another words, you need to create an emotional attachment to every stage of the sales funnel.

The word sales funnel is just a technical word to describe the buying process. You can think about it as any ordinary funnel. At the top, you would pour in a lot of liquid or oil or whatever else you're deciding to funnel down. As you pour, it filters a large amount of whatever it is that you're pouring in, into a defined space.

Just like a real-world funnel, a sales funnel acts similarly. It funnels down visitors through several stages before they become buyers. The way Henry explains it, if you're not creating an emotional attachment during each stage of that funnel, then you're largely wasting your time. It has to start from the very beginning, and it has to carry out all the way to beyond the purchase.

This is how you turn visitors into buyers into raving fans. If anyone is serious about "making it" in affiliate marketing, or simply making any semblance of money online, they have to adhere to this single principle. The better you get at creating an emotional attachment during each stage of your funnel, the more likely you'll be to succeed and even to get rich through your efforts.

Understanding The Journey And The Bigger Picture

While sales funnels help to illuminate the systems necessitated for implementation and eventual success as an affiliate, they don't illuminate the bigger picture. To understand the journey of an affiliate, you need to understand the four major components involved in affiliate marketing:

  • Publisher: The publisher, which is you, requires the development of a platform that can be used to market products, services or information that you intend to peddle as an affiliate. One of the most difficult aspects of this industry is actually building a platform with massive reach.
  • Merchant: Once your publishing platform is in place, wherever that might be located, the merchant has to be selected. The products, services or information that you'll market as an affiliate will come from a specific merchant. You should select a merchant with an offering relevant to your audience.
  • Network: Each merchant that's worthwhile in pursuing often is part of a larger network of companies that extend their offers on an affiliate marketing platform. There are loads of networks out there. Sometimes, specific companies create their own affiliate programs rather than joining a larger network.
  • Consumer: Once everything is in place, you need to build content targeted towards the consumer and it needs to deliver value. If you attempt to sell at every turn or create thin content that's merely veiled in an effort to promote a specific offer, you won't gain the traction that you're looking for to succeed in this industry.

The following 8 steps provide a more in-depth approach to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

[Publisher] -- Create Platform & Build Audience

Step 1 -- Develop Your Story 

Be transparent and create your story. What did you suffer through? Are you a reluctant leader or are you the hero leading the charge? Ensure you properly relay your story so that you can bridge the emotional bond between people who have no idea about who you are. Why should they listen to you? What "secrets" have you uncovered over the years? What failures did you suffer through or lessons did you learn along your journey?

Make people care about you. You have to get them emotionally invested in you before you can sell them anything. In fact, Henry says that you should never try to sell something right away, at least not until people become fully vested in you and your personal journey. Russell Brunson calls this your Attractive Character. This is what's allowed both Henry and Brunson to achieve wildly-outlandish incomes from their affiliate marketing efforts.

Step 2 -- Create Your Diversified Platform 

The second step in your journey is to create a diversified platform. Why diversified? Well, when Henry was flying high with his Google search results, then suddenly knocked down to beyond page 10 after an algorithm update, he tells me that he wishes he had diversified. Instead of focusing solely on the blog, he tells me he should have been building a Facebook Group, online forum and other ways that he could stay connected with people.

Instead, he focused solely on one platform. When that platform fizzled out, he lost his foundation and his footing as an affiliate marketer. He was unable to reach the people who had once been visiting his website because he was now nowhere to be found. Had he diversified, he wouldn't have gone through the massive pain related to that ranking change.

Step 3 -- Develop And Nurture Your Audience

Once you've built your platforms, you need to develop and nurture your audience. Reach out and connect with them on social media channels. Respond to their emails. Engage with them in comments. Don't make it difficult for them to reach you. You need to connect with your audience and develop that relationship over time. Henry tells me that if you succeed at creating this emotional bond or connection, people will follow you, trust you, and more often than not, buy whatever it is that you offer them.

For example, when someone drops a comment on a blog post, you should engage with that person, even if it's only to say thanks. This helps to bridge that emotional divide. Be sure to stay on top of all engagement on every platform. Don't allow it to consume you, but do your best to respond to people in a timely manner. This could make all the difference in succeeding with a sale or making someone pass you up. The more you nurture and develop your audience, the more they'll believe become fervent buyers.

[Merchant] -- Find Product Or Company To Promote

Step 4 -- Search  For A Relevant Product Or Company

Once your platform is live, you need a product to promote. However, you should avoid the temptation to do this early on. Get that emotional investment going before you attempt to do this. If you begin too early, you run the risk of losing a large portion of your audience. Take the time to first create insatiable content and deliver enormous amounts of value before you attempt to sell your audience anything.

However, when you are ready, search for the right product or company that's relevant to your audience. When Henry quit smoking, his story was part and parcel to the bigger picture of selling electronic cigarettes as an affiliate. Although his blog's success was short-lived at the time, at it's apex, it was generating over $30,000 because he nurtured his audience and built that emotional bond before ever trying to sell them anything as an affiliate.

Step 5 -- Survey Your List

If you've taken the time to build an email list, then you should use that opportunity to survey your subscribers. Consider asking them, specifically, what they're most interested. I recently did this and the answers actually surprised me. However, another thing the answers did was allow me to laser-focus my affiliate offers in the right direction. This is invaluable information and it's coming straight from your list.

To do this, you need to offer something in return. Use email providers like InfusionSoftMailChimpConvertKitAweber, or any number of others, to shoot out the email to a survey. You can use Survey Monkey to build your survey, but you have to give them something in return. Will you give them a free cheatsheet? Maybe a downloadable how-to ebook? Determine the best thing to offer and be sure to get clear on what they need to do and what you'll give them in exchange.

[Network] -- Apply To Related Networks

Step 6 -- Search For Related Networks

The fact is that most of the bigger companies that offer products and services for affiliates to promote use larger affiliate networks to position their offers. Some of the bigger affiliate networks include ClickBank, CommissionJunction, Rakuten's LinkShare, Impact Radius and countless others. Sometimes, like with the case of Fiverr for example, they run their own affiliate networks so you would apply directly to the company.

However, be aware that you need to submit an application to most of these networks to be accepted. Once you're accepted in, you're often required to apply directly to the merchant afterwards. So there are two layers or gates that you need to bypass. That's also why it's important to build up your platform and create that emotional bridge between yourself and your audience before attempting to promote anything to them.

[Consumer] -- Build Content To Promote

Step 7 -- Deliver Massive Value

There are countless mediums that you can deliver valuable content to your audience. You can use your blog. If you don't have a blog (which is a big mistake by the way), you can use social media, content marketing, video tutorials, infographics and so on and so forth. But  your primary channel to deliver long-form value is going to be your blog. Start building a blog early and stay consistent with it.

Not only do you have to build content that delivers massive value, but it also has to be engaging. People need to stick around and read your content, interacting with it and sharing it. That's when you know you have something great. And that's what it takes to make search engines like Google to really stand up and notice you.

Step 8 -- Promote Your Affiliate Links

Every single network or merchant will provide you with specific links that you can use to promote whatever it is you're looking to sell. Be sure to scrutinize the details of any offer that you decide to partake in. Then, build out your affiliate links and ensure that the sales and clicks are registering your to your account. You can use URL shorteners like Bitly or Google's own shortener to make the links more manageable in terms of length.

  Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

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