Influencer Networking

Entrepreneurs and Influencers must continue building their networks. Networking is increasingly important. When we expand our social circles in a professional way, we move ourselves to a place of expanded potential. Opportunities for collaboration or independent and contracted work are offered first to a network member before being outsourced.  

Dominaite builds networks to connect social circles and showcase our members.  Our platforms create a valuable collaborative space. It's as easy as reaching out and connecting.  Our concept is that we publish positive content and build relationships.  

Our opportunity encourages brands to collaborate with Influencers. The first thing you have to do is believe in your work and skills. Always publish content you are proud of. The quality of work is your reputation so you should be a perfectionist when it comes to your content. Don’t compete with anyone who isn’t at the level of your ideal success; instead, study those who are where you want to be and emulate their styles. The quality of your content and your reputation will improve as a result. Remember to Captivaite and Dominaite! 

Showcase your qualities and your success and you will be ready to capitalize and build your business. Make connections with brands that resonate with your passion.  Message them through the platforms or social media accounts. Reach out to other influencers even if they’re popular and you think they’ll never see it. Give credit and ask questions if you’re inclined. The worst thing that can happen is you won’t hear anything.  The goal is to continue to build your Influencer Networks.

When you make the initiative to connect with someone, don't always expect an immediate profit. Sometimes the best way to develop a working relationship with someone is simply by letting them know you are available. Networking is a two-way street, and it’s best to approach it in the sense you would a friendship: “I’m here if you need anything from me.” We don’t enter friendships thinking of how someone’s companionship will benefit us in the long run; we simply enjoy a person’s company and time we spend with them. When you connect with other influencers, you should be connecting because you enjoy someone’s work and the ability to have energizing and constructive conversations about content and collaboration.

When you help people in any way, whether it’s promoting their brands or publicly commending them, don’t expect anything in return or to earn brownie points. Do it from a genuine perspective. Long-term industry relationships, like friendships, are not based on favors but on mutual respect. And because the universe has a way of giving back what we put out, when we do receive praise or favors, it’s important to express gratitude. It keeps us humble and there is no such thing as being too grateful.

Always be conscious of the energy you put into conversations. Don’t ever talk bad about anyone or brand. It’s unprofessional and it’s a habit that belongs solely to chronically unsuccessful people. People who are truly good at what they do don’t need to be better by comparison; they stand tall independent of what others are doing. Remember the golden rule of conversation: small people talk about people, average people talk about things and great people talk about ideas. Your ability to talk about ideas instead of people and things is the difference between a conversation that is energizing and one that is depleting.

Finally, connect people with other people and offer opportunities to your network. Be the person that knows everyone, and don’t be afraid that you’ll get left behind if you put two people in contact with each other. We can’t be involved with every project we hear about, but this allows us the benefit of focusing solely on projects that we’re interested in and passionate about. Sometimes our role in a project is simply connecting two people who need to connect or offering an opportunity to our network when we know of a role that needs to be filled. All networks grow as a result, and we’ll earn respect for our ability and willingness to help where and when we can.

Reputation and networks are built on honesty, passion and dedication. It doesn't matter how successful or influential, people are still people, and relationships are built on this foundation.

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