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Don Lok - F.U. Money

Here is the ebook and audio book F.U. Money by Dan Lok.  Some of his advice will help you on this journey. We are going to be developing high level skills, a scalable business and investing training. 

This is what he states: I’ve been told many times this book is "the best book on making money since Rich Dad Poor Dad."  Now the reason I wrote it is so you never need to be desperate for money again.  You never want to be desperate because when you’re desperate, that’s when bad shit happens...  How do I know? Well, I’m a self-made, 8-figure businessman today. But I didn’t start off very successful. In fact, when I started over two decades now, I had just come to Canada as an immigrant. Back then, I had no money. No connections. And I couldn’t speak a word of English. To make things worse, I was a college dropout...  Before I met my mentor, Alan, I had 13 failed businesses. And I was bleeding money every month.  So what did Alan teach me? Well, I’ll let you in on the secret. The secret Alan showed me is what I now call a "High-Income Skill".  A High-Income Skill is a skill where you can make a good living without being at a job - ever again.

He sells his mentorship program, for $2,495.  He claims to teach how to close high ticket sales.  We are not affiliated with him or endorsing his program.

Click here to download the Ebook: F.U. Money Ebook

Click here to access the Audio Book: F.U. Audio Book





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