Welcome to Captivaite! Our mission is to create, develop, inspire and of course Motivaite individuals to live their best life and live life to the fullest. What’s holding you back from being an entrepreneur? Start translating your unique ideas and visions into a thriving business by leveraging your passion to reach your maximum potential. Our Rockstar Entrepreneur Coaches have the know-how to help you create a solid business plan and the real-life experience to execute it flawlessly. They’ve been where you’ve been and have seen the opportunities on the other side. Work with them to ensure you have all your bases covered from the start to help you avoid future roadblocks. Their passion is coaching, what’s your passion?
We help you develop that passion into business whether it be a scalable business or an enjoyable high earning foundation. Business owners run into their fair share of challenges. The ultimate goal is to efficiently run a profitable business without losing the passion that originally got you here. Our Rockstar Entrepreneur Coaches are experts in the foundations that will have you Motivated and Dominating your industry. The insights they provide are worth their weight in gold and they create Win-Win strategies.
The Coaches of RockstarsU hold their students accountable, while motivating them to reach beyond their highest potential. Lean on the expert advice of our Coaches and work directly with them to develop a strategy to gain new business and skills while maximizing the growth of your current business. Our Coaches will show you how to scale your business, fine tune your marketing and sales approach and invest to build wealth. Before you know it, your passion will evolve into your life’s greatest work.
Join Motivaite! to showcase your business and skills and passion, network with other members, and use our referral network platform to grow your authority. Monthly membership fees support Donaite, our fundraising company. Proceeds are given to Charity Network International and Charity Rockstars distribute the funds to global causes. “We Fund Results”!
Join our Facebook Group at and grow your community.
Learn more about our partner Companies, Donaite, Dominaite and Captivaite. Remember the “AI” in all our brands. This represents our Authority Influencers aka Rockstars.
Donaite is a unique company that raises funds for nonprofit organizations through memberships online marketing platforms with celebrities, brands and authority influencers.
Our experiences include music, entertainment, travel, business, sports, and other industries.
We utilize the power of celebrities, authority influencers and brands combined with donations such as meet-and-greets, VIP tickets, vacations and other gifts to create a win-win environment. We are continually building focus to encourage corporate philanthropy support. Our goal is to raise funds for foundations and non-profits while creating positive publicity for our members. Our platforms and members provide donations for nonprofits while building positive creative publicity and marketing support for many for-profit brands looking to enhance their corporate philanthropy programs.
Captivaite showcases the amazing beauty of life. Travel is our passion.
Our technology partner Dominaite is the leader in authority influencer platforms. Consumers are looking for an experience or a feeling. They want more then ever for their money. They want to be emotionally stimulated. Our platforms bring new customers to our members’ businesses. Consumers always want to be associated with the best-in-class product or service that is the leading authority in the space. We showcase our members with the talents of authority influencers. This concept increases loyalty for our members. Real “authorities” are incredibly passionate about the industry. They publish articles, photos, videos and content on a daily basis, and their customers will follow every word, loyally. We give our members the platforms, tools and resources that it is necessary in business and influence them to become an authority in their industry and dominate.

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