We Fund Results with Win-Win Strategies Dominating Authority

Dominaite’s unique networks connect brands and consumers with the power of authority influencers.

We create partnerships with authority influencers and brands that builds a solid referral network and guides for consumers.
We have the tools and resources to build authority influencers. Authority influencers have a style, voice, experience, interest, passion and life moments that make them a truly authentic fit for a particular brand, product or message. We offer influencers creative tools, platforms and resources. We work with you to ensure campaigns feel organic to your messaging. Work with top brands on unique campaigns that resonate with your fans. Work with a team of professionals to continually build your authority. Achieve results and earn income based on your true worth.
Brands win with our charitable referral network platforms. We target and reach the right audiences for your marketing goals. Choose the right talent on the best platforms to serve as advocates for your brand. Work with a team of professionals to help every step of the way. Benefit from consumer engagement and brand affinity rise. Build brand authority.
Authority Influencer marketing delivers significant ROI of digital marketing in terms of actual revenue and not just social metrics such as impressions and views. The reason is the relationship begins with the consumer’s trust in the influencer and companies working with that influencer benefit from that trust. Our platforms offer a simple, cost-effective method to connect with audiences interested in your products and authority influencers that will grow your audience.
It’s very time consuming to find, assess and activate influencers for a campaign and then track all of the content they generate. We have designed the most comprehensive online platforms, tools and networks that specialize in this fast growing business niche. Members have easy access to our social media creators, authority influencers, referral networks, resources and tools to set up and run campaigns, create new partnerships, and grow your business.

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Diamond Membership on Digital Media Publishing Referral Network 

  • $34.00 / month
  • Exclusive Diamond Benefits
  • No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
  • Win Great Prizes
  • Membership Fees Support Charity
  • Translate Entire Website To Over 100 Languages
  • Direct Messaging For Referrals To Contact You
  • Connect With Other Members All Over The World
  • Unlimited Authority Links For Published Content
  • Links To Your Website & Social Media
  • Publish Member Articles
  • Publish Videos & Audio Files
  • Promote Up To 20 Events
  • Post Up To 20 Deals / Coupons
  • Post Up To 20 Advertisements
  • Post Up To 100 Products
  • FREE Leads and Referrals
  • Integrated Google Maps & Directions
  • Your Content Is Promoted On Social Networks
  • Post Up To 20 Job Board Listings
  • Post Up To 20 Property Listings
  • Request & Receive Reviews
  • Control Review Publishing & Management
  • Authority Influencers Promote Your Brand
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