AI - Authority Influencers

What makes you so special? Why should anyone purchase your product or service or listen to your opinion over someone else in the same industry?

The best answer to that question is that you have established yourself as the authority and gone to great lengths to ensure that this is known to every one of your potential clients. You have figuratively, and sometimes literally, written a book on your expertise. That is the power of being an authority influencer.

Establishing yourself as the authority in your industry is how you can "Dominaite" your competition. It positions you above others and opens doors, which is the most important responsibility of any business leader: to acquire and retain customers.

To develop that authority you need a solid presence in each of the following:

Branding. Building a brand isn’t just about building your company’s brand but also your personal brand. For your audience to recall your name, it must be clearly recognizable and associated in their minds. Build your personal brand into what makes you unique. A few key factors will help you discover your unique brand: your personal mission, your philosophy, your journey and your community. Well-known leaders are very clear about who they are.

Content marketing. Content marketing is the means through which you build your dominance. You need to commit to creating a significant amount of high-quality content written specifically for your target audience. It can come in multiple forms: white papers, articles, blog posts, webinars, podcasts and definitely a book. As you create appreciable content, you create a legion of fans who are excited to consume what you create.

Referral marketing. If you’re doing them correctly, referrals should bring in a large number of new clients. In fact, 85 percent of small businesses get customers through word of mouth. You need to encourage your satisfied clients and customers to refer you to others. Client referrals are the most common and are an outcome of great service. But an often-missed opportunity is the referrals from influencers people who are in front of a group of your prospects every day. Research them, meet them. Impress them.

Lead generation. What does authority influencing have to do with lead generation? Everything. It’s far easier to generate leads when you’re seen as an authority. As an authority, you can tell people what they need, and they’ll believe you. If you come at them looking and acting like a salesperson, they’ll ditch you and you will lose credibility.

PR and marketing. People don’t believe what you say about yourself, but generally, they will believe what the media says about you. Whether it's coverage from CNBC or a local radio station, people will assume that you’re an authority; and that’s good for business. It’s irrational, but there’s nothing rational about the general public’s decision-making process.

Speaking. Are you currently speaking to groups that consist of your target audience? If not, you need to be. Speaking, bar none, is the best way to enforce your authority position and generate high-quality leads. If what you say is competent and professional, you will connect with a subset of the audience and build a strong loyal following.

Events. Events are where loyal tribes of customers come together. Be there with them. Or have them come to you. Holding annual events is one of the best ways to upsell, build additional loyalty and expose more people to your authority.  

Be The Rockstar. You want to be famous to the people that matter. You need to be the authority in the industry, in the community, in the marketplace where you and your business live, because you need people who have the ability and willingness to help grow your brand to see you as the authority. 

Donate.  Connect your brand and yourself with giving back to your community and charitable causes.  This should be authentic.  Donate your products and services to create experiences that feel good and create buzz.  Get involved in charitable events that you are passionate about. Use your authority influence to bring awareness and do good.

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