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Position Yourself as an Authority and "Dominaite"

It is tough building a business today. There is more competition then ever. There are new widgets and gadgets and dissemination of information, that totally confuse potential clients.

Long gone are the days when your customers would just buy because of a good product and a good price. Now they want more! Consumers are looking for an experience or a feeling. Your customers want more then ever for their money. They want to be emotionally stimulated.

Your competitors have already figured it out and they’re stealing your business. Twenty years ago, business owners made it a habit of holding all of their information “close to the chest." It would seem insane for the leader of the business to go out and speak publicly about how they were different, why they were growing so fast or why new customers were flocking to their doors. We use to call this information “trade secrets."

Today, those same leaders and CEOs have realized that sharing the secrets is the key to winning the loyalty of clients and customers. New terms like authority, expert and thought leader have completely changed how people do business today.

Becoming an authority will propel your business onto the world stage. Authority status is worth millions of dollars in advertising and new revenue. Here are good reasons for you to focus on becoming an authority in your industry.

Brings attention to you
You are the leader of the business. This is one case where a little ego will go a long way. Any attention that comes to the founder or CEO of the business will inevitably bring more revenue to the company.

Every time you are introduced as an authority, the first thing said after your name is the name of your company. The more you are speaking on stage, being interviewed or giving an opinion, the more people are going to learn about your business. You will be building authority and relationships.

Brings new customers to your business
Consumers always want to be associated with the best-in-class product. If you have ever tried to launch a new product in a crowded space where there is a true market-leader, you understand how difficult it actually is. What is most frustrating is when you know that the reigning “best-in-class” is an inferior product. The only thing that trumps the best-in-class spending habits of consumers is a new product being launched by the leading authority in the space.

Increases loyalty in your customers.
Authority Influencers are incredibly passionate about the industry. You can become an authority influencer by publishing articles and content regularly. Interact with other influencers and you will build a loyal customer base.the importance of authority positioning. It is becoming harder and harder to win the hearts of new customers, so you need to do everything you can to keep the ones you have. Positioning yourself as an authority and communicating with your customers, through every means possible, will increase their loyalty. Customers want to follow the Rockstar.


Be the Authority and "Dominaite" Your Industry!

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